Self Pay


Mr Smith secretary              01392 325724 (Sarah) 


Mr Thomas secretary           01392 325724 (Sarah)


Consultations - Telephone and Video Consultations available

GP or Physio referrals preferred.  Self-referrals possible.


The first consultation is for 30 minutes and includes a full shoulder or elbow assessment and usually an x-ray (let our secretary know if you have already had one and it can be ready for the surgeon to review).   At this stage advice will be given by the surgeon about further investigations, treatment or surgery.

Subsequent consultations will be for 15 minutes and are usually arranged by the secretary for you.


Nuffield Health Promise

 Nuffield Health do provide an all inclusive package for the operation, physiotherapy and consultation fees after the operation.

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Imaging costs at the Exeter Nuffield hospital (valid from Nov 2023)

Shoulder x-ray (RA0259)  –  £155

Elbow x-ray (RA0585) – £130

Ultrasound (US3550) – £354

Ultrasound with injection  (US0600)– £472 

MRI scan (MR1100) – £564  or  (MR 1200) £751 for two joints

MRA (MRI scan with contrast) (MR2000)  – £1126

Hydro-dilatation (US3300) – £833 

Barbotage (RA0560)- £1414

PRP injection for Tennis or Golfers Elbow (series of 2) (T7481) – £1181 


Surgery costs

The exact operation and procedure code will be given to you at the end of the consultation with your surgeon.  A price for the procedure can then be obtained from the secretary.