The Initial Consultation


The initial consultation with Mr Smith or Mr Thomas will be to discuss your shoulder condition and how it started.


They will examine your shoulder (it will help if you can wear clothing, which allows you to easily expose the shoulder in question. If you have long hair, it is beneficial to bring along something to hold the hair up out of the way of the shoulder during the clinical examination). They may then send you off for x-rays of the shoulder before a treatment plan is discussed.


The treatment plan may involve further investigations with an ultrasound or MRI scan, to be undertaken at a later date. This may include an injection using ultrasound to place it in the correct position. A trial of physiotherapy may also be suggested. If the diagnosis is clear at the first consultation, then surgery may be offered directly. Alternatively, a future appointment will be scheduled to take place after further investigation. Future treatment options will then be discussed.


If surgery is felt to be appropriate and you would like to proceed with an operation, then this will be discussed in more detail. Mr Smith or Mr Thomas will run through the intended outcome for your shoulder condition if surgery takes place and the alternative prognosis in the event that surgery does not take place. They will also talk about the small risks involved with surgery and how long it takes to recover from surgery. If you and your surgeon make a joint decision to proceed, then a date will be arranged for the surgery to take place.


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