Post-op rehabilitation program for biceps problems


Problem: tear of biceps tendon with pain and limited movement


Aim: release, repair or reattachment of biceps tendon to reduce pain and increase range of movement


Important points: Tears of the biceps tendon are a common problem and are known to cause a lot of pain.  Depending on the location of the tear and the condition of the tendon, these can be treated in three ways.  If the biceps is very worn out, it is released out of the joint (biceps tenotomy) and is usually performed as part of another procedure.  It does not require any specific physiotherapy.  A repair of the tear in the tendon can be performed with keyhole surgery (SLAP repair) or the biceps is released from the joint and reattached outside of the shoulder joint (biceps tenodesis).  Please use the rehabilitation appropriate to your surgery.


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SLAP repair


Biceps tenodesis