Planning for Surgery


Once a decision is made for surgery, you will be required to answer some routine health questions and to have some basic checks carried out by a nurse, either on the day of your consultation or at later date.  This is to ensure that you are safe to proceed to have a general anaesthetic and that any conditions such as high blood pressure are under the best control prior to surgery.  In order to do this you may be required to undertake some simple blood tests and to have some routine MRSA swabs taken.  Occasionally, you may be required to be seen by one of the anaesthetic team prior to your surgery.


Once you have agreed a date with Mr Smith or Mr Thomas, you should ring your insurance company for approval using the code given to you. You will also need to arrange physiotherapy to commence 1 week after your surgery (this can be arranged directly by the Nuffield hospital) and arrange someone to take you to and from the hospital.  It is recommended that you have someone at home with you for the first night.


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