It may be suggested that your shoulder problem can be investigated further and potentially treated with an outpatient treatment performed by one of the specialist shoulder consultant radiologists.  These include-



Imaging costs at the Exeter Nuffield hospital (valid from Nov 2023)

Shoulder x-ray (RA0259)  –  £155

Elbow x-ray (RA0585) – £130

Ultrasound (US3550) – £354

Ultrasound with injection  (US0600)– £472 

MRI scan (MR1100) – £564  or  (MR 1200) £751 for two joints

MRA (MRI scan with contrast) (MR2000)  – £1126

Hydro-dilatation (US3300) – £833 

Barbotage (RA0560)- £1414

PRP injection for Tennis or Golfers Elbow (series of 2) (T7481) – £1181 


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